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RE: The Dicky Up!

RE: The Dicky Up!

Sequin Dicky

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In the mid to late 19th century, men's fashion was quite elaborate and involved various layers of clothing. A detachable shirt front, or "dicky," became a convenient alternative for those who wanted to achieve the appearance of a full shirt without wearing one entirely. While the dicky was especially useful for formal occasions, the  popularity of it diminished in the 20th century. We found a mediocre dress and had a vision to bring back the dicky in a hotter, funkier way. Dicky up, gentlemen! 

  • Warm-toned, gold sequins
  • Reversible/Flip Sequins 
  • Pearlescent Buttons
  • Tassels 
  • One Size fits Most 


  • Contemporary Figue Shift Dress 

Care Instructions

Wash on gentle cycle, hang to dry

Our vintage disclaimer

Please be advised that our pieces are crafted from vintage or pre-loved materials. As a result, slight wear and tear may be present.

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