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RE: The Lena Mini Kilt

RE: The Lena Mini Kilt

Kilted Skirt

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The fashion world has seen fluidity between men and women’s clothing for decades; and with the rise of social media, voices that represent this fluidity have only been amplified and celebrated. Fashion often serves as a mirror to societal shifts, and as our world moves toward even greater inclusivity, diversity, and self-expression, we can witness that in instances of … a man in a skirt.

  • 4 different plaid textiles 
  • Zipper and snap button closure
  • Beaded fringe detail
  • Fits Men's sizes 28-32
  • Fits Women's sizes 4-8


  • This piece was constructed from scratch 

Care Instructions

Dry clean

Sizing Info

Waist - 34”
Length // Longest Side - 19.5”
Length // Shortest Side - 17”

Our vintage disclaimer

Please be advised that our pieces are crafted from vintage or pre-loved materials. As a result, slight wear and tear may be present.

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